A Wolfe In The Kitchen – Introduction

A Wolfe In The Kitchen Introduction Anyone who is a fan of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe character knows that there are certain rules that MUST be observed, at least in his domain. Mr. Wolfe is known for his genius, his orchids, and his love for excellent food and beer. His eccentricities are part of what endears him to us, his followers. In tribute to this master detective, who leaves his New York City brownstone on very few occasions, we offer a sampling of the dishes served in his home. Each of the foods are mentioned in the “corpus” of Rex Stout‘s stories of Wolfe. Though the recipes are collected far and wide, they show just how much Wolfe appreciates and relishes his meals‘ His girth is ample testimony to this fact This project was conceived by members of the Wolfehounds, an electronic mailing list distributed via computer for all those who wish to subscribe. It was done by volunteers and was done for love of Wolfe, not profit. Information was gathered and passed back and forth around the U. S‘ and the world to bring this to you. We hope that you enjoy it enough to utter Wolfe‘s highest form of praise, “Satisfactory.” Dorothy Moran aka Inspector Cramer DedicatedTo Please note that this is a work in progress.  Once completed each of the following book names will link to the recipe index for that book.

1. Fer de Lance

2. League of Frightened Men

    3. Rubber Band
    4. Red Box
    5. Too Many Cooks
    6. Some Buried Caesar
    7. Over My Dead Body
    8. Where There’s A Will
    8A. Bitter End..(.in Death x 3)
    9. Black Orchids
    9A. Cordially Invited
    l0. Not Quite Dead Enough
    10A. Booby Trap
    11. The Silent Speaker
    12. Too Many Women
    13. And Be A Villain
    14. Trouble in Triplicate

      a. Before I Die
      b. Help Wanted, Male
      c. Instead of Evidence
    15. The Second Confession
    16. Three Doors to Death

      a. Man Alive
      b. Omit Flowers
      c. Door to Death
    17. In the Best Families
    18. Curtains For Three

      a. Gun with Wings
      b. Bullet for One
      c. Disguise for Murder
    19. Murder by the Book
    20. Triple Jeopardy

      a. Home to Roost
      b. Cop Killer
      c. Squirt and the Monkey
    21. Prisoner’s Base
    22. The Golden Spiders
    23. Three Men Out

      a. Invitation to Murder
      b. The Zero Clue
      c. This Won’t Kill You
    24. The Black Mountain
    25. Before Midnight
    26. Three Witnesses
      a. The Next Witness
      b. When a Man Murders
      c. Die Like a Dog
    27. Might As Well Be Dead
    28. If Death Ever Slept
    29. Three for the Chair

      a. Window for Death
      b. Immune to Murder
      c. Too Many Detectives
    30. And Four To Go

      a. Christmas Party
      b. Easter Parade
      c. Fourth of July
      d. Murder is no Joke
    31. Champagne for One
    32. Plot It Yourself
    33. Three At Wolfe’s Door

      a. Poison a La Carte
      b. Method Three for Murder
      c. The Rodeo Murder
    34. Too Many Clients
    35. The Final Deduction
    36. Homicide Trinity

      a. Eeny Meeny Murder Mo
      b. Death of a Demon
      c. Counterfeit For Murder
    37. Gambit
    38. The Mother Hunt
    39. Trio for Blunt Instruments
    a. Kill Now. Pay Later
    b. Murder is Corny
    c. Blood Will Tell
    40. A Right to Die
    41. The Doorbell Rang
    42. Death of a Doxy
    43. The Father Hunt
    44. Death of a Dude
    45. Please Pass the Guilt
    46. A Family Affair
    47. Death Times Three

      a. Frame-Up for Murder (Will be number 47 in AWITK)
      b. Bitter End ( 8A IN AWITK)
      c. Assault On a Brownstone (SAME AS ‘COUNTERFEIT FOR MURDER’ #36C IN AWITK)












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