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Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout

As any herpetologist will tell you, the fer-de-lance is among the most dreaded snakes known to man. When someone makes a present of one to Nero Wolfe, Archie Goodwin knows he’s getting dreadfully close to solving the devilishly clever murders of an immigrant and a college president. As for Wolfe, he‘s playing snake charmer in a case with more twists than an anaconda whistling a seductive tune he hopes will catch a killer who’s still got poison in his heart.

Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout, Bantam Books, 1992

Fer De Lance 1934 F&R; Oxford (Toronto); Cassell, 1936; Also published as Meet Nero Wolfe – Mercury Mystery #37(nd); also published as “Point Of Death” American Magazine 118 11/34; Grosset (NY) 6/36; (also in Royal Flush); Pocket Books #112 7/41, 1949; Dell *D223 3/58; #13 Great Mystery Library ed; Pyramid *R970 1964, 1967; Bantam 23033 3/83, 27819 2/92 (Crime Line); Serialized in Verdict 6, 7, 8, 9, 10/53; Bestseller Series Vol 3, #8, Viaduct Productions, London, 1983; Fingerprint Edition by Hamish Hamilton (GB); Jove edition; Penguin edition; Danish, German and Swedish editions exist; Jr. Book Club Edition; ” Die Lanzenschlange (german) Humanitas Verlag 1956, Verlag Mohn & Co. 1963, Heyne Verlag 1968,1976

The following recipes are for foods that are mentioned in this, the first book in the Nero Wolfe series.  We hope you enjoy!

Veal Kidneys Ardennaise
Rognans aux Montagnes
Sauteed Kidneys
Basic Waffle Recipe
Lancaster Hot Pot
Fillet of Lamb
Breast of Lamb, Poached and Breaded
Braised Lamb Shanks
Spice-Rubbed Mixed Grill
Cinnamon Lamb Casserole
Crown Roast of Lamb with Six Vegetables
Mint Sauce
Filets of Flounder Jeanine
Gulf Coast Stuffed Flounder
Wine and Cheese Sauce
Welsh Rabbit
Mock Puff Pastry for Tomato Tarts
Fondue de Tomatoes