Anyone who is a fan of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe character knows that there are certain rules that MUST be observed, at least in his domain. Mr. Wolfe is known for his genius, his orchids, and his love for excellent food and beer. His eccentricities are part of what endears him to us, his followers.

In tribute to this master detective, who leaves his New York City brownstone on very few occasions, we offer a sampling of the dishes served in his home. Each of the foods are mentioned in the “corpus” of Rex Stout‘s stories of Wolfe. Though the recipes are collected far and wide, they show just how much Wolfe appreciates and relishes his meals‘ His girth is ample testimony to this fact

This project was conceived by members of the Wolfehounds, an electronic mailing list distributed via computer for all those who wish to subscribe. It was done by volunteers and was done for love of Wolfe, not profit. Information was gathered and passed back and forth around the U. S‘ and the world to bring this to you.

We hope that you enjoy it enough to utter Wolfe‘s highest form of praise, “Satisfactory.”

Dorothy Moran
aka Inspector Cramer

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